We’ll be giving some tutorials and training courses in the fall. If you are interested in attending a course before then, it is also possible to arrange an in-house training course or tutorial.

Course Syllablus

Time Topic
8-9 am Continental Breakfast (included)
9-10 am Introduction to Clouds
10-11 am Introduction to Analytics over Clouds
11-12 pm What is Available? A Vendor Survey
12-1 pm Lunch (included)
1-2 pm Case Study 1: Running R Using Amazon’s EC2 and S3
2-3 pm Case Study 2: Processing large datasets using Hadoop
3-4 pm Case Study 3: Building analytic applications in the cloud
4 pm Adjourn

Course Benefits

  • Learn about the different types of clouds.
  • Learn the benefits of using clouds for analytics.
  • Learn how to structure your first analytic project using clouds.
  • Learn how to speed up the development of analytic models and the deployment
    of analytics into operational systems using clouds.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and executives interested in an introduction to cloud
    computing and its applications to analytics.
  • Statisticians, modelers and data mining professionals interested
    in learning how to do analytics using cloud computing.
  • Anyone thinking about using clouds for analytics.

Types of Clouds

There are two different, but related, types of clouds: the
first category of clouds provide computing instances on demand,
while the second category of clouds provide computing capacity
on demand. Both use the same underlying hardware, but the first is
designed to scale out by providing additional computing instances,
while the second is designed to support data- or compute-intensive
applications by scaling capacity. Amazon’s EC2 and S3 services are an example of the first type of cloud. The Hadoop system is an example of the second type of cloud. In this course we cover both types of clouds and how they are best used in analytic projects.

Fees and Registration

The cost of the one day course is $245, which includes a hand out containing comprehensive notes.

For More Information

For more information, please contact us at info at

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